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Re: fontinst with 8y.etx

Thierry wrote:

>> Cc: "fontinst@cogs.susx.ac.uk.Subject":Re:fontinst.with.8y.etx@ujf-grenoble.fr

Some problem with you mail software?

> Concernant « fontinst with 8y.etx », Ulrik Vieth écrit : «
> » [ I suppose Rowland won't be too happy to hear about this, but at
> » the risk of being flamed I'll push it out anyway. ]

> Melissa O'Neil has come up with a similar encoding that supposedly
> suppress the known problems with other encodings on the Mac. 


> BTW, if LY1 is functionnally equivalent to 8r, why 8r ?

Good question.  Personally, I find 8y (or LY1) slightly less arbitrary
then 8r.  Both provide access to all the glyphs available in standard
PostScript fonts, they just use a slightly different arrangement.

Since hardly anybody seems to be interested in typesetting directly
with 8r, while OTOH Y&Y does promote typesetting with 8y (regardless
whether or not you may find that adequate for non-expertized fonts),
using fontinst to install 7t/8t/8c on top of 8y (and 8x, if available)
might turn out a compromise that could make eveyone happy?  WDYT?

Cheers, Ulrik.