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Re: fontinst with 8y.etx

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> Berthold K.P. Horn writes:
>  > LY1 has the feature that it works around known encoding sensitive
>  > bugs, except the ones in the Macintosh Acrobat Reader.  And no
>  > encoding appears to be able to do that.  This is not
>  > to say there aren't bugs in other Acrobat Readers or in Distiller...
> All other things being equal, I'd happily switch to using 8y as a
> plug-in replacement for 8r. But they are not equal - there are
> thousands and thousands of people out there whose work revolves around
> 8r. Ok, they don't *know* thatt, but they wont take kindly to being told
> that tens of megabytes of files on CTAN are about to change, and that
> distributions from OzTeX to teTeX are all going to change incompatibly
> overnight.

The idea would be to have an alternative, e.g. something you don't have
to care much but simply switch to by another set of virtual fonts.
> I leave aside the fact that the best-selling LaTeX book of the last
> year has a detailed description of 8r in it....
> Possibly not everyone reading this realizes *quite* how much hate mail
> one can get when one tinkers with something like PS font metrics for
> TeXxies.

This will always happen if the change requires still compromizes on the
users side.

> But I stress that I have nothing against 8y. I just remain to be
> convinced that the pain of changing will be outweighed by the
> possible advantages.

It depends on the purpose: for PDF using scalable fonts and a more
reliable encoding is kind of basic requirement (at least presently). 

Hilmar Schlegel

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