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New user question: 8r and 8y

I just recently joined this mailing list, so I jumped into the middle of the
8y vs 8r discussion.

I have a question why people want to move to 8y.  I develop software under
Windows;  no Mac or Unix stuff.  All I want out of an encoding is that when
a user types in the key sequence to enter a special or accented character
the proper character will display on the screen and will typeset in the
document without any special processing of the file.  Right now, 8r encoding
gives me that under Windows.  What does 8y give me.  (Portability to
non-Windows/Intel based operating systems is of absolutely no interest to
me, nor to the clients I for which I work.)

    Jeffrey M\kern-.05em\raise.5ex\hbox{\b c}\kern-.05emArthur
    a.k.a. Jeffrey McArthur          ATLIS Publishing Services