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Re: `limitations' of OzTeX (was: fontinst with 8y.etx)

Timothy Murphy wrote --
> > Could we agree on terminology please?  Can we call mapping numbers to
> > numbers (which is what OzTeX does and what VF can do) `REMAPPING'
> > and reserve the term `REENCODING' to assigning an encoding, which
> > is something that maps numbers to glyphs.  The latter being more powerful
> > since it can make `unencoded' glyphs accessible.  
> On the other hand VF is far more "powerful" 
> since it allows inclusion of arbitrary DVI matter
> (eg combination of several glyphs) 
> and is also recursive.

I am not sure I would desribe either as powerful: useful maybe (both).

But they are definitely mutually incomparable since they act on different
objects and so do different jobs.