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fontinst-1.8 pre-release (+ fontname additions)

The new fontinst-1.8, on which I have been the last two weeks, is
almost ready for release now.  I'm not sure if it is completely ready
to replace the old versions on CTAN yet, but if you want to try it,
you find it at


Notable changes:

* fontinst.{sty,ini} and fontdoc.sty are now generated from a a single
  fontinst.dtx source, which can be typeset to produce some 70 pages 
  of documented source listings including an index of TeX macros.

* \setlefrightkerning is now defined in fontinst.sty.  No need to
  repeat the definition in numerous .mtx files.

* \textcompfamily has been made obsolete and was integrated into
  \latinfamily, so that \latinfamily now installs OT1, T1 and TS1
  by default.

  (Note that this may require some minor changes to famtool.pl.)

* \latinfamily{<fam>j} now installs 9d/9o encodings (expert+oldstyle)
  rather than 9e/9t (expert), based on code from Alan's v1.511 beta.

* \latinfamily{<fam>9} is treated exactly as \latinfamily{<fam>j}.

* if an oldstyle encoding was called for, \encoding_shape is set
  to {j} so that OT1j.etx and T1j.etx are used, instead of relying
  on \setcommand\digit trickery.  Hope this fixes problems if you
  run \latinfamily{<fam>j} immediately after \latinfamily{<fam>}.

* A lot of debugging info was added to the internal fuctions
  of \latinfamily.  All \transformfont, \installrawfont and
  \installfont calls should now appear in the log file.

* fontdoc.sty now supports an automatic documentation feature.
  You can now say something like \useexamplefont{<font>} and 
  \setslotcomment{The symbol `\slotexample'} to produce an
  automatic slot comment for all subsequent \setslot commands.
  (See eu*.etx for examples.)

* several .etx and .mtx files have been touched up, so that they
  can be typeset and printed as well.

* 8y.{etx,mtx} were added, and may be used instead of 8r.{etx,mtx}
  if you redefine \raw_encoding in fontinst.rc.

* ts1.etx was updated to match the encoding of the EC/TC fonts.
  A number of symbols were added, most of which aren't available,
  however, in standard fonts.

* textcomp.mtx was updated to reflect the changes in ts1.etx.
  Several glyphs are faked, when it can be done easily, such as
  bardbl, openbracketleft/right, centigrade, or asteriskcenterd.
  Hope I've fixed all the typos I've introduced while hacking
  these files.

* ot1.etx and oml.etx now say `Upsilon' instead of `Upsilon1' to
  avoid naming conflicts with MathTime, where `<Greek>1' actually
  means `<Greek>upright'.  I'll have a look into the necessary
  changes to mathptm this weekend.

* Finally, fontinst.dtx contains some additional hackish code to
  make use of OsF fonts, which is not incldued in the production
  version of fontinst.sty, but may be found in xfontinst.sty.
  (This is an unfinished experiment, so beware!)

Hope this was all. 

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S.  While we are at it, I've also put up an extended version
of the fontname tables at


This includes some additions to typeface.map, a completely new
version of adobe.map and some slightly touched up versions of
bitstream.map and montotype.map.

Note that adobe.map has many incomplete p__r8r entries for lack
of family codes ([a-z] * [a-z0-9] = 26 * 36 = 936 = not enough).