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Re: fontinst-1.8 pre-release

>After yet another week of occasional hacking, the ne fontinst-1.8 is
>hopefully ready for release, although I'm not sure how it should be
>arranged for placing it on CTAN.  Those of you, who want to give it
>a try can find it at:
>  http://www.thphy.uni-duesseldorf.de/~vieth/src/fontinst-1.8.tar.gz

>* contrib/rowland now cotains a touched-up version of Rowland's
>  rewrite of the manual.  (Sorry that it took me so long.)

No worries - I *said* it was a bit of a mess, didn't I?  I'll download this
latest version and see how it goes.  I'll have a look at the latest version
of the manual and see if I think it needs any more work (well, it needs
*lots* of work, but I was thinking of maybe some obvious things that need
doing so something useful can be made available in a short time).