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Re: fontinst-1.8 pre-release

> Ulrik Vieth writes:
>> - the idea of changing anything in mathptm at all?
> anything that might change pagebreaks

so this effectively means any changes at all.  (although psyro and
psyr might appear to have the same width superficially, they are
different as well given that the italic correction is added to the
effective glyph width in math mode,)

>> - the idea of using  rsfs instead of zapf chancery?
> this. how close are metrics?

Probably this is quite a noticeable difference, so this means
we should better scrap the whole idea.

>> P.S. Given that Rowland has already announced my pre-release version
>> on comp.text.tex, I think we should work towards fixing the remaining
>> problems and pushing out fontinst-1.8 on CTAN by the end of the week.
> fine by me. are there remaining problems? i meant to run it all last
> night but played with hyperref instead

I got one reply regarding a possible omission or bug in fontinst.ini.
Apart from that it's just mathptm that really needs to be looked at.

Cheers, Ulrik.