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Re: fontinst-1.8 pre-release

> Hi, are there free slots in 8r.etx?
> It's getting very fashionable to include fj ligatures in new
> fonts(also fff BTW). 

> I know that they won't find their way into T1 anyway...:-(

If you start adding more slots to 8r, there are even more glyphs to
consider apart form extra f-ligatures: I've seen some fonts which
include some additional mathematical glpyhs (apparently intended for
Mac-compatilbility), such as `Omega', `Delta', `pi', `summation',
`product', `integral' and `radical'.  Of these at least `Omega' and
`radical' do appear in TS1, but are not accessible in 8r, even if
they appear as unencoded glyphs in the Type 1 or TrueType font. 

Cheers, Urlik.

P.S. The funny thing is that the metrics of these unencoded glyphs are
preserved and carried over in <font>8r.mtx as \setnotglyph, so the
\unfakable macro will draw a box that matches the glyph dimensions
rather than just a 5pt x 5pt square box.