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Re: fontinst 1.8

> Yesterday, i have downloaded fontinst 1.8
> (Thierry Bouche give me URL).

> I find two or three little things (but it works well anyway :-)

> 1 - file fontinst.sty as distributed is empty (must be generated or
> use ofintinst.sty)

Obviously a mistake.  In one version, I had a Unix symbolic link
pointing from fontinst.sty to ofontinst.sty.  Since this is not
portable to other platforms, I'll try to avoid this next time.

> 2 - in the heading of  T1j.etx

> % T1i.etx -- install a T1-encoded roman font with oldstyle digits
>     ^

I must have copied the file header and forgot to change it.

> 3 - in fontinst.tex (p.22 on output)

> \begin{decl}
>   |\fromafm|\arg{afm}\\
>   |\frompl|\arg{pl}\\
>   |\frommtx|\arg{mtx}
> \end{decl}
> This reads the metrics of a font which is about to be transformed from
> an external file.  Both |\fromafm| and |\frompl| write out an \mtx
> file corresponding to the \afm or \pl file.  In addition, |\formafm|
> also writes out a raw \pl file, cotaining just the glyph metrics
>                                   ^

It's impossible to spell-check .dtx files with all the embedded code.
I suppose there will be more mistakes like these somewhere else, just
waiting to be found by careful proof-readers like you.

Thanks, anyway.

Ulrik Vieth.