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Re: update tools etc on CTAN

You wrote:

> I am updating on CTAN all of:

>  macros/latex/packages/psnfss
>  fonts/psfonts/tools
>  fonts/utilities/fontinst

Looks like you forgot something relatively important:

   rm tools/finst/*
   cp fontinst/inputs/{tex,etx,mtx}/*  tools/finst

Once you made this update to actually using fontinst-1.8 instead 
of 1.6/1.7, you also need the following patch to famtool.pl:

*** famtool.pl.orig     Sat Jul  4 23:23:04 1998
--- famtool.pl  Tue Jul  7 18:17:06 1998
*** 368,374 ****
   print TEX "\\def\\SlantAmount{",$opt_slant * 1000,"}\n";
   if ($opt_narrow) { print TEX "\\fakenarrow{$opt_narrow}\n" ; }
   print TEX "\\latinfamily{$Famcode$opt_expert$famextra}{$ExtraFDcode}\n";
-  print TEX "\\textcompfamily{$Famcode$opt_expert$famextra}{}\n";
   print TEX "\\end\n";
   close TEX;
   runsystem("tex -ini -progname=fontinst ./Fam_$$");
--- 368,373 ----

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S. If you care about expertized oldstyle fonts, you could also
update the Makefile and add a call to "-expert j" for every font
for which you normally run "-expert x".