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Re: everyglyph/everyendglyph

> some etx files define glyphs `everyglyph' and `everyendglyph'. These
> `pseudo-glyph' were probably used sometime ago in fontinst, but now i
> did not find any usage of these glyphs. Should these glyphs be cleaned
> up completely?

>From the CHANGES file:

24 Dec 1993, v1.25: Redid the \declare... commands, and replaced 
   everyglyh and everyendglyph by sidebearings.

so you're right, the use of everyglyph died out a while ago (if I
remember correctly, using everyglyph was very time-consuming given that
all it was ever used for was sidebearings).

Ah the nostialgia, 1993, v1.25, etc.

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