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Re: unneeded etx files

> Hi,
> i wonder, why files such as t1i.etx and t1ij.etx exist? their functions
> are identical to t1.etx and t1j.etx, so there is no need to create such
> files in the first place (they are needed only for OT1).

> 	Best regards, -- Vladimir.

Possible explanation:

  They are needed due to the magic of \latinfamily.  A distinction between
  ot1[j].etx and ot1i[j].etx is needed due to slightly different encodings, 
  so fontinst always has to use different etx files for normal and italic. 
  Due to technical reasons, a similar distinction is then also needed for
  t1[j].etx and t1i[j].etx even though the file contents is the same.

Cheers, Ulrik.