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Fontinst 1.801 Doc bug report

Hi everyone,

last week I installed fontinst 1.801 in order to access special symbols
using the TS1 encoding. Since it took 1.5 hours to install the Univers
family on my low-end 68040 Mac I had sufficient time to read the

On page 7, the second paragraph of section 1.4 speaks about tfm-files while
the table above shows afm files which is correct (As I understand it.)

On page 18 the table shows 8r filenames while the paragraph below speaks
about 8a encoded files which is correct, AIUI.

When installing the fonts I ran out of memory, I had to increase pool_size
from 90000 to 120000, when using the fonts I ran out of font_mem_size, but
that was to be expected with the new TS1 fonts I need twice as much memory.
Maybe you should add a note to this to the doc.

I'm trying to subscribe to the mailing list but please send me an answer as
well. (The subscribing instructions aren't as explicit as I need them, I'm
only a Mac user:-)

BTW, thanks for the mentioning of fontnames, it was a great help to name
all the 22 variants I had to install.

BTW2, thanks for all the hints about using fontinst on the Mac, I guess I
have to thank Rowland for this.


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