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Re: fontinst

> I've just installed fontinst v1.8.  Please allow me two questions.

> 1. How can I handle ``symbol fonts'', i. e. there just one font and
>    no special encoding has to be done. An example of this is
>    the symbol font included in the standard 35 postscript fonts.

I think the answer is not all: If it is a symbol font which is used as
is, fontinst isn't needed to do the job.  Sebastian's perl scripts in
CTAN:fonts/psfonts/tools/ contain a make-one.pl to handle such cases.

> 2. There seems to be a minor bug. If I do 

>    \input fontinst.sty

>    \transformfont{ptmrrn8r}{\reencodefont{8r}{\xscalefont{750}{\fromafm{ptmr8a}}}}
>    \transformfont{ptmrre8r}{\reencodefont{8r}{\xscalefont{1250}{\fromafm{ptmr8a}}}}

I think this should be ptmr8rn and ptmr8re, but this probably doesn't
matter for this question.

>    \installfonts

>      \latinfamily{ptm}{}

>      \installfont{ptmrrn8t}{ptmrrn8r,latin}{T1}{T1}{ptm}{mc}{n}{}
>      \installfont{ptmrrn7t}{ptmrrn8r,latin}{OT1}{OT1}{ptm}{mc}{n}{}

>      \installfont{ptmrre8t}{ptmrre8r,latin}{T1}{T1}{ptm}{mx}{n}{}
>      \installfont{ptmrre7t}{ptmrre8r,latin}{OT1}{OT1}{ptm}{mx}{n}{}

>    \endinstallfonts

>    then the *.fd files don't contain the ptmrrn8t and ptmrrn7t fonts.

Well, considering what \latinfamily does, your file effectively looks like 

\installfonts			% clears .fd data structures

% begin \latinfamily
\installfonts			% presumably no additional effect

\installfamily{T1}{ptm}{}	% initializes .fd data strucutures

\installrawfont <whatever>	% standard installation
\installfont <whatever>

\endinstallfonts		% writes out .fd files
% end \latinfamily



\endinstallfonts		% no effect ?

When \latinfamily has finished, it calls \endinstallfonts which writes
out the .fd information accumulated until that point.  The subsequent
\installfont commands from your file then effectively appear outside
an \installfonts ... \endinstallfonts group, so that the second
\endinstallfonts doesn't know about .fd information to be written out.

I'm not sure how what needs to be changed to make things work the way
you want it.  Maybe you coud try something like this





\installfonts <extra fonts>


I haven't tried it, but I hope it might help.

Cheers, Ulrik.