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Re: questions & comments

>Thierry wrote:
>>  so we have 1 T = 1 kG = 10 000 DM.
>> i'd like to have a few T's ;-))
>Well, unfortunately you only convert money into magnetic fields
>but not the other way round. ;-)
>BTW, since I'm not an experimentalist, I have no idea how much it
>would cost to buy an electromagnet capable of a 1 T field strength.
>It's probably not a linear scale, anyway.

The only magnets that powerful that I've ever met have been the really big
ones used for NMR body scanners (those things we're supposed to call MRI
scanners these days because people are frightened of anything with
`nuclear' in the name.  I blame the teachers.  Oops!  That's me..): big
superconducting coils immersed in liquid helium, surrounded by a vacuum
jacket, surrounded by a liquid nitrogen jacket, and then by another vacuum
jacket. Not very cheap at all and you try finding a leak in the helium

>Cheers, Ulrik (getting increasingy off-topic).

Well, it keeps some life in the list.  I've posted this off-list because it
is getting a bit daft, isn't it?