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Re: Adobe EuroFonts

>     IMO, the Eurofont is a `pi' Font since it does not follow any stadardised 
>     font encoding. It should be named after the scheme for pi fonts.

> That sounds sensible to me.

> I gave it ppi039 in ftp://tug.org/fontname/adobe.map.

> Any problems, speak.

Three problems: 

1) The correct URL is actually ftp://tug.org/tex/fontname/adobe.map
   (or alternatively ftp://ftp.tug.org/pub/tex/fontname/adobe.map)

2) There are altogether 12 fonts belonging to Adobe's Eurofont package,
   none of which uses the font name "Eurofont" (as you did in adobe.map).

   To do it right you would have to allocate font names ppi039 -- ppi050
   for  "EuroSerif", "EuroSans", and "EuroMono" (each in two weights and
   two shapes), which would make it difficult to tell which one is which.

3) There are existing applications that already make use of "zpeu" names
    as follows (see CTAN:fonts/utilitites/fontinst/examples/eurofont):

	zpeur   EuroSerif-Regular       _3______
	zpeuri  EuroSerif-Italic        _3i_____
	zpeub   EuroSerif-Bold          _3b_____
	zpeubi  EuroSerif-BoldItalic    _3bi____
	zpeurs  EuroSans-Regular        _1______
	zpeuris EuroSans-Italic         _1i_____
	zpeubs  EuroSans-Bold           _1b_____
	zpeubis EuroSans-BoldItalic     _1bi____
	zpeurt  EuroMono-Regular        _2______
	zpeurit EuroMono-Italic         _2i_____
	zpeubt  EuroMono-Bold           _2b_____
	zpeubit EuroMono-BoldItalic     _2bi____

I still believe that this would make a more sensible naming scheme.

Cheers, Ulrik.