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Partial downloading Adobe's Eurofonts?

I've come across this problem: when using dvips with the -j option to
partially download founts, I get the following message (or similar) when
the document includes any of Adobe's Eurofonts:

This is dvips 5.70 Copyright 1997 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com)

Input file: tmptmp.dvi
Options: -M0 -T210mm,297mm -j

' TeX output 1998.10.06:0323' -> tmptmp.ps
<tex.pro><texps.pro>. <cmr12><EuroSerReg>
 File <EuroSerReg> ended before all chars have been found.
 We scan -212 Chars from 226
 Last seen token was '/Euro'

Considering the chance that the Eurofonts have somehow been corrupted, I
downloaded all of them again, and I still get the same message.  The
problem was pointed out to me by a Windows/Unix user (don't know which) who
also gets the same message[1].  He emailed me one of the founts concerned,
and when converted (using CMacTeX's pfb2pfa and pfa2lwfn) to LWFN format,
this fount is byte-for-byte identical to the LWFN version I downloaded from
Adobe.  I suspect that this means Adobe has built the founts with a bug.

Any ideas?

[1]  In case you're wondering, he's been trying out beta versions of my
eurofont package[2].  I don't know whether this makes him kind, mad, or

[2]  Release date: real soon now[3].

[3]  No, really.