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Re: Partial downloading Adobe's Eurofonts?

At 03:36 AM 98/10/06 +0100, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

>I've come across this problem: when using dvips with the -j option to
>partially download founts, I get the following message (or similar) when
>the document includes any of Adobe's Eurofonts:
>This is dvips 5.70 Copyright 1997 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com)
>Input file: tmptmp.dvi
>Options: -M0 -T210mm,297mm -j
>' TeX output 1998.10.06:0323' -> tmptmp.ps
><tex.pro><texps.pro>. <cmr12><EuroSerReg>
> File <EuroSerReg> ended before all chars have been found.
> We scan -212 Chars from 226
> Last seen token was '/Euro'

Turn off the partial font downloading.  DVIPS has some problems with it.
Which is not surprising, since DVIPS does not include a full PS
interpreter, so it has to use some heuristics to step through the
more or less standardized PS code at the head of the font.

(Which is why Type 1 fonts must be ATM compatible to be useful.
The Euro fonts are, but DVIPS does not make use of the
ATM compatability rules - chapter 10 of the B/W bible).

By the way, why not use what is in 

	http://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/fonts/euro/index.html ?

Support for the Adobe Euro fonts has been there for months...

Regards, Berthold.

Berthold K.P. Horn
Cambridge, MA		mailto:bkph@ai.mit.edu