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Re: Bug in fontinst?

Rebecca and/or Rowland wrote --

> >You can't change the format :-)
> Of course you can.  It's what all those .cfg files are for.  My default
> format includes two sets of hyphenation patterns, rather than the standard
> one.

> If `they' had the sense God gave a grasshopper, they'd supply instructions
> on how to change the format to use T1 encoding by default.

Since some grasshopper has indeed done this, perhaps they can supply
the world and us with the magic formula (we can probably arrange
translation from hopperish).

Chris Rowley  ---  On behalf of the LaTeX3 Project Team

Appendix:  A Grasshopper writes --
  "At the beginning of time (aka The Bog Hop) when gifts were given
out to hoppers, and to crushers of hoppers, and to programmers, to some
was given the gift of sense, to others that of imputation; but to the
greatest in the kingdom was given the gift of delegation."