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Re: Faking ff ligatures

rebecca@astrid.u-net.com  Thu Sep 24 16:26:22 1998 writes:

> Righto - so it seems to me that the sensible thing to do in this case is to
> fill the ffi and ffl ligature slots with `f' `f' `l'  rather than `f' `fl'
> ligature (etc).

It is open for a discussion if f f l or f fl is right thing to do but f
f i causes either a collision or is spaced out: if all else fails use of
f fi is to recommend.
> I reckon the appropriate modification is writing a file ffl+ffi_hack.mtx
> and putting this in it:
Well, first of all keep the filename within 8.3 constrictions ;-)

Two steps are necessary:
1. adjust the kerns in the AFM or set leftkerning of fi to that of f in
case f is kerned with itself in an acceptable way.

> \setglyph{ffi}
>    \glyph{f}{1000}
>    \movert{\kerning{f}{fi}}
>    \glyph{fi}{1000}
> \endsetglyph

You can also drop ff, ffi and ffl at all for your case as Thierry
suggests - only the kerns have to be adjusted accordingly anyway.

> Is this less mad?
No, use the ligs you have and get the metrics of your font straight. If
that is not sufficient get the expert set with the ligs, or make/order
the ligs which are missing for your font.

Hilmar Schlegel