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Behaviour of \latinfamily

I'm still (on and off) trying to produce some fontinst documentation, and
I've run up against a problem: I can't, from examining fontinst's
behaviour, work out exactly what it does when it comes across a
\latinfamily command.

I'm particularly interested in:

Exactly which files it looks for when it says, for example:

INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,n,: seek pckk8r
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,sc,: seek pckkc8r
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,sl,: seek pckko8r
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,it,: seek pckki8r
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,n,c: seek pckk8rn
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,sc,c: seek pckkc8rn
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,sl,c: seek pckko8rn
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,it,c: seek pckki8rn
INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,n,: seek pckm8r

In the last case, it's clear that it's not found pckm8r.

2) Exactly which transformations fontinst does when it's found a particular
file.  For example, when it said it was looking for pckm8r, it found
pckm8a, and then went on to do this:

INFO>to make LaTeX (family,weight,shape,width) pck,m,n,: seek pckm8r
Metrics written on pckm8a.mtx.
Raw font written on pckm8a.pl.
(:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx) (pckm8a.mtx)
Transformed metrics written on pckm8r.mtx.
Raw font written on pckm8r.pl.
(pckm8r.mtx) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.mtx) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx)
(:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffi'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ffl'.
Warning: \ligature for unknown slot `ff'.
) (:TeX-inputs:za finst:8r.etx)
Font written on pckm8r.pl.
INFO> found pckm8r.mtx
INFO>run installfont with <pckm7t><pckm8r,latin><OT1><OT1><pck><m><n>

3) And I'm also puzzled at the way it produces fd files.  Can anyone
provide a definitive explanation of how it decides what to put in an fd
file, and how to tell fontinst to add a particular fount and fount
substiution to an fd file.

Hope someone can help a bit