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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > Sorry.  I was referring to Sebastian's perl scripts, assuming that
 > these were the standard interface to using fontinst nowdays.
in case people wonder why all the fuss, these are currently the only
way to get checksums into the metrics, apart from all other

 > I don't know exactly, at which point .fd files come into play.

a line in an .fd file is written each time \installfont is executed

 > \transformfont should be clear, as its is documented in the LGC.
 > \installrawfont is trickier, but I suppose it is the interanl
 > function which is called by higher-level \installfont macros
 > and eventually produces an .fd file from a temporary .mtx file.
\installrawfont does not get into the game of making virtual fonts

 > > But I've never seen fontinst place any entries in a 8r.fd file, even
 > > though it's created 8r.fd files for me quite happily.
 > This might be a problem indeed.  The default settings of \latin_encodings
 > tell fontinst to proudce OT1 and T1 only, so I don't know, why this is 
It was created by mistake. i think it isn't any more. if it is, ignore

 > you are not qualified.  If there is no other doucmentation, you have
 > no choice but working it out from the source.  Good luck!
Alan Hoenig's new book "TeX Unbound" is clearly the next port of call,
after/before the LaTeX Graphics Companion. Alan is a fontinst
aficionado, and a good writer. I can't comment on whether the book will
help Rowland, because my copy hasn't arrived yet, but I did review an
early version, and it was good stuff.