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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > can't make any sense out of fontinst; I think this kind of problem is
 > inevitable when experts who only talk to experts about their subject try to
 > write about it.
 > (In case you're wondering, there is one paragraph on page 396 of the LGC
 > that I found useful.  Nothing else in that book has helped me at all.)
gee. thanks for the book review. we'll quote in on the back cover if
the thing gets a second edition. 

 > place.  The problem is that it's difficult to get the experts to understand
 > what I need to know; my questions have mostly resulted in answers which
 > appear to be mostly noise to me and seem to miss the point I'm trying to
 > get to.
i sometimes think we are on different planets. you seem determined to
document a set of TeX macros which you dont understand....

 > slightest understanding of fontinst and I seem to be the only one able to
 > write comprehensible documentation.  The big problem is that I don't
 > understand fontinst at all well. 
these two statements do seem to be at variance...

 >  I've not yet seen a copy of `TeX
 > Unbound', so I might change my mind.  I rather doubt it: I've been very
I got "TeX Unbound" this morning. i have a feeling you are going to hate
him too - i found "integer expression"....

 > unimpressed with recent books on (La)TeX (The LaTeX Companion and Graphics
 > Companion both strike me as a terrible waste of paper, let alone money).
you do have the nicest way of asking for help, Rowland. tell me that i
can't write books for toffee, that 5 years work is a waste of paper,
and then say "oh by the way can you spend hours and hours helping me
understand these macros". 

do buy Hoenig, anyway. it may help. yes, it'll cost you money. thats