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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

Rebecca and Rowland writes:
 > On the other hand, it took me 1/2 hour to turn what you emailed into
 > something I could understand (quite a lot of that was working out a form of
 > notation that I could understand and would fit on a single sheet of A4 - it
 > took a few tries).  Do you see what I mean about several orders of
 > magnitude harder for me?  I'm not thick, but I don't think like the average
 > computer programmer.
Possibly you need to tell us what notation you desire. Since I am not
a computer programmer [1], I am not sure what they do either.
 > Yes.  I know what an integer is,  but the LGC documentation says `int
 > expr', *not* `int'.  If the documentation had said `integer', I would know
 > what sort of thing was needed.  It doesn't: it says integer expression with
cos i stole that from Alan :-}
 > >ligfull installation means that the ligature information in the AFM
 > >file is copied to the output metric
 > Right.  How is it possible to do any other sort of installation, and why
 > would you want to?
i think Alan covered that?

 > S'all right, I don't expect miracles ;-)
thats not my observation...


[1] I did a course on FORTRAN once but i left half way because they
wanted me to write a program to generate a Fibonacci series, and a) I
didn't know what that was, and b) didn't want to do it anyway