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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

Concernant « Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily », Rebecca and Rowland écrit : «
» Righto - ta.  One thing about \installrawfont.  I gather that 8r encoded fd
» files are not supposed to be created (dunno why: I'd find them useful), and
» \intallrawfont has this syntax:
» %    \installrawfont{FONT-NAME}{FILE-LIST}{ETX}
» as I understand it, the last five arguments are only used in writing to an
» fd file.  If 8r encoded fd files aren't made, what's going on?  I've
» obviously mis-understood something here.

yes 8rxxx.fd files are expected to be made (remember all of this was
intended to support direct typesetting with 8r fonts, there was also
the `unsupported' 8r.sty that relied on 8r fd files. made by

» Righto.  But I didn't mention psyr in the first place; you're the one who
» said that you thought \latinfamily was equivalent to a load of stuff which
» included psyr.  

ah, i should maybe read what i send? this psyr comes from some narrow
minded asumption i made years ago when i wrote my shell script. Forget