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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

At 11:23 am -0500 1/6/98, Alan Jeffrey wrote:
>> Isn't it just?  Thanks for this.  One question: I take it that the
>> \latex_family parameter is what's used to build the fd file, so this
>> example will produce an fd file called OT1ptmx.fd (or T1ptmx.fd)?  What job
>> to \font_variant and \raw_variant do?
>\font_variant and \raw_variant give the `variant' in two forms: one
>which ends up in the final font names, and one for searching for AFM
>files.  For example the `x' variant ends up in the font names generated
>(eg ptmrx8t) but not in the font names searched for (eg ptmr8r and
>ptmr8x).  But for weirdo variants like `Sans Serif' the variant ends up
>in both (eg ptmrs8t and ptmrs8r if such a thing existed).

Right - I think.  I take it that `raw variant' is used for the source file
searching, and `font variant' is used for the output file name?

Thanks again,