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Re: Behaviour of \latinfamily

>Rowland writes:
>> This model of behaviour makes sense, but fontinst contains this code:
>> \def\open_out#1{\immediate\openout\out_file=#1 \def\out_filename{#1}}
>> \def\out_line#1{\immediate\write\out_file{#1}}
>> \def\out_lline#1{\out_line{\space\space\space#1}}
>> \def\out_llline#1{\out_lline{\space\space\space#1}}
>> \def\close_out#1{\immediate\write16{#1~written~on~\out_filename.}
>>    \immediate\closeout\out_file}
>> Now, I'm no TeX expert, but my reading of the TeXbook makes me think that
>> \immediate\write means write the file *now*.  Or is the delay mechanism
>> somewhere else?
>It's somewhere else: All the \out_line stuff appears in macros which
>are appended to token lists.  They are evaluated at the very end by
>\endinstallfonts, at which time the \immedaite stuff takes place.

Ah - I see.  Thanks.  No wonder I get confused when I read the fontinst
source code...