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Re: A question about spacing

Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
> The space parameter is the same in both cases, but the  stretch, shrink,
> and extraspace parameters are markedly different.
> The minor differences in xheight and quad are most likely due to rounding
> errors.
> Does anyone have any idea what's going on?

Er, OK this is my fault.  I can't remember the syntax of my own file
formats.  Try replacing dostretch.mtx by:





then it'll work:

   (PARAMETER D 1 R 0.0)
   (PARAMETER D 2 R 3.32996)
   (PARAMETER D 3 R 1.65991)
   (PARAMETER D 4 R 1.10999)
   (PARAMETER D 5 R 4.29993)
   (PARAMETER D 6 R 10.0)
   (PARAMETER D 7 R 1.10999)