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Re: Is this a bug?

 I really don't see the point why you would want to take the oldstyle
 glyphs from the expert fonts, if they are already in the small-caps
 fonts, albeit under a different name.

because it's a waste of resources to download twice the same glyphs
in three different fonts. When using expert fonts, you get everything
from 8r+8x, only the _metrics_ of c8r are usefull.

Similarly, when you have cj8a founts, it's a bug for me, to install
the cj8r as base for c8t/c7t as they will be oldstyle: much better to
make virtual c8t from cj8r+8r (with LiF [lining figs]), and virtual
fonts rj8t from 8r+cj8r (OsF), etc. When you consider such a font
family where OsF are available, it would be much cleaner to install it
twice, once as LiF, once as OsF with 2 separate family names (pgj &
pgjj, e.g.) One way to achieve that is indeed to treat the cj8r stuff
as if it was an expert font (after renaming the glyphs) either
(trivially) by sed-ding the AFM, or reglyph-ing the MTX. that's what
i've been doing for families like Granjon, Stempel Garamond for years,
and we've been much more happy together that way.