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Re: Long (font) filenames

    Hence, does anyone here know of any TeX-on-DOS-platform mailing list
    (or the like) where the first part of the proposal could be sent for
    a more adequate treatment?

Well, there's tds@tug.org, but I think most everyone on that list is
also on this one :-).

    I would trust that KB can produce a basis for a
    further discussion that is quite superior to my own poor contribution.

Sorry :-).

I made the fontname release but didn't actually write anything related
to your suggestion.  I mainly needed to update the files and separate
the file lists from the document, which I did.

The underlying problem with any longname proposal is getting
sufficiently widespread support that users can actually use long names
in TeX documents.  And to get support, the benefits have to be worth it
to the implementors.  So far that hasn't happened.

For example, it's been possible to use PostScript font names in TeX
documents with Web2c for years now, but there's no sign of anyone
actually being interested in making use of that feature.

I dunno ...