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checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

After installing the new vf and tfm files from CTAN:fonts/psfonts/adobe,
(and removing the old ones)  dvipsk reports many font checksum errors,
__even if the dvi files are regenerated from their TeX sources__.

I tried to figure out the reason for that messages that the checksums for
the (real) fonts stored in the .vf files are different from the corresponding
checksums in the real fonts tfm file:

for example: 

    zptmcmr refers to
          psyr.tfm (from times):     (CHECKSUM O 37333711466) 
                  (from symbol):     (CHECKSUM O 16264261360) 
          checksum in vf-file  : (FONTCHECKSUM O 37333711466)

          ptmr8r.tfm                 (CHECKSUM O 24364160751)     <---- !!!    
          checksum in vf-file  : (FONTCHECKSUM O 35573773203)     <---- !!!

          cmr10.tfm            :     (CHECKSUM O 11374260171)
          checksum in vf-file  : (FONTCHECKSUM O 11374260171)

Please note, that vftovp normally displays the checksum of the
refered tfm file, not that in the vf file. Therefore you have
to delete/rename the corresponding tfm files (here psyr.tfm,
ptmr8r.tfm and cmr10.tfm) before running vftovp to detect
these inconsitencies.

Obviously at least the 8r fonts have been changed   a f t e r
generating the other fonts; at least some virtual fonts contain
outdated checksums of other fonts in the same CTAN directory!?!
These inconsistencies should be corrected rather soon.

Bernd Anhaeupl			Tel.:  +49 9131 857787
LATE - Uni Erlangen			
Cauerstr. 7			Email: anhaeupl@late.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de
91058 Erlangen