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Re: checksum inconsistencies for virtual postscript fonts on CTAN

Berthold K.P. Horn writes:
 > But somehow this is a lower level detail of the _real_ aim, which is
 > to provide ready-made accented characters so hyphenation can
 > work in TeX.  And that higher level aim is well-served by LY1 :-)
It is, yes. But to my mind, it is better to have the 800k of files
which implement the standard LaTeX encodings than 100k files which
implement something which is good, but not regarded as `core'.

If you persuade Them to adopt LY1 as standard encoding, and the LaTeX
community to follow on, then it doesnt bother me. I leave it to
someone who uses T1 encoding in anger to explain why they made it the
way they did. I just accept that it was needed.