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Re: mathptm + cmex9

>> I just tested it: Although the CHARHT and CHARDP is the same,
>> CHARWD differs by as much as 0.3pt.  I'm afraid we can't change it
>> it mathptm due to the requirement for metrics compatibilitiy, but
>> it shouldn't be a problem for mathptmx.

> Argh... Well, just a different idea: does metafog work with the the
> cmex9 font? If yes, we might ask Taco Hoekwater...

You could try, but I suppose converting a cmex font is more difficult
than a normal font.  Taco's article in the recent MAPS mentioned an
estimate of one day per font and a long list of fonts still to be
done.  I don't know how quickly he would respond to your request.

> Its just too bad that mathptm does not work with pdftex (at least
> not without the bakoma fonts).

Yes, but you could tell people to use mathptmx instead as an improved
version of mathptm.

I've just a prepared a patch for mathptmx:


Sebastian:  Could this be installed on CTAN:fontinst/examples/mathptmx?

This patch changes two things:

- it now uses cmex10 scaled 900 instead of cmex9
- it changes the family name to "ztmcm" instead of "ptmcm"
   to resolve conflichts between "mathptm" and "mathptmx"

Cheers, Ulrik.