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Re: mathptm + cmex9

> OK, fine. David can consider switching to mathptmx for pslatex,

Can I just give pslatex to you (or Ulrick) or anyone else who
wants it. The maths part of pslatex was a verbatim copy of
mathptm. The only other part of interest was the squashed courier
which could probably just be made a package option to some other

> but we really have a duty not to make mathptm change.

I argued in a message that I don't think managed to leave my machine
that you could do that if you wanted to. The 9pt font is never used
directly, only included into the vf file, so one could just take the
existing vpl file and hand change it to pull in the scaled font while
preserving the metrics, that way you could give tex th esame tfms.

But sounds like the rsfs version is more fun anyway.