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Re: Misplaced code

Hilmar Schlegel wrote:
>Names are not essential.

Not in the best of all worlds, but I don't think this is it. :-)

>Do the occurrences of rightboundary in ligkerns replace or append the
>occurrences of the choosen character (which might be present when it is
>not the boundary) in the ligkerns?

I was thinking about making it a matter of first come, first served. Any
other approach would require reimplementing the entire mechanism in
fontinst that writes out ligkern programs. This way, it is the
responsibility of the user to see to that the boundarychar selected has no
problematic kerns or ligatures that can mess things up.


>For example one could then separate left/right boundary
Why join them to begin with? The current fontinst does this, but the
commands I described does not.

>and could
>utilize something like questiondown - which occurs in text only at
>initial position  - as rightboundary.

Another class of candidates for right boundary character is the ligatures.
As fi, fl, ff, ffi, and ffl are only formed by ligatures (AFAIK), they do
never occur as the next character at any ligkern step, hence it would be
safe to use their character code for the right boundary (but definately not
for the left boundary). (It might be the case that this will not be true
for eTeX though, but that is still in the future.)

Lars Hellström