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Re: nonstandard names for characters & reencoding

Vladimir Volovich wrote:
> Some type1 fonts have nonstandard names for some characters. An
> Fontinst is able to deal with this: if e.g. it sees that there is no
> /Ng in the AFM, it can use /Eng when creating vpl file.

It is not exactly an issue for fontinst since that can deal with the
problem once the fonts are reencoded appropriately.

> use ReEncodeFont with some .enc file. But how can one specify there
> variants of glyph names? It is simply impossible to create a separate
> enc file for each font out there, because there are a LOT of them with
> various differences and variants. Maybe, an extension to dvips is
> needed to be able to specify there variants for some character names?

Indeed yes, the key is to provide for each font program with a possible
individual naming convention an individual encoding to map the desired
characters to the desired code positions - fontinst can then deal with
this by either renaming characters or choosing available characters by
testing which is actually present in the font.

A possible way would be to generate the necessary encoding after
fontinst made its selection - the problem remains however that it is
designed now to work against a fixed/given encoding which might be
defined by external contrictions (like the platform and the used

Hilmar Schlegel

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