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Problems with vfinst 0.95 and fontinst 1.801


I'm trying to install a font using vfinst 0.95 and fontinst 1.801. I
found several problems. 

First I get this in 'duplicat.lst' written by 1vfinst:
fde305 fder7d     000 dejyosr_.{pfb,afm} Decennie-JYOSFRoman
fde305 fderc7d    000 dejysc__.{pfb,afm} Decennie-JYSCOSFRoman
The "Berry" names indicate that vfinst correctly decided,
Decennie-JYOSFRoman is "old style numeric roman" and
Decennie-JYSCOSFRoman is "old style numeric small caps roman", but then
tells my they are the same. For a test I deleted "dejysc__.{pfb,afm}"
ran "1vfinst" again, then "2vfinst", then "sh newnames.bat" and "tex
makefont". The tex run lead to the next problem: I get "! Missing
number, treated as zero." errors from lines like:
"\transformfont{fderu8r}{\slantfont{-}{\frommtx{fderi8r}}}". The
argument for "\slantfont" should be an integer, so I think this must be
a bug in "2vfinst".

I changed {-} to {0} and ran tex again.

Now the next error occured. The source line:


Produces an:

Raw font written on fdebu7d.pl.
(fder8r.mtx) (fder8x.mtx) (fder7d.mtx) (dotlessj.mtx)
Runaway definition?
->\k \l-B \13 \k \l-D \13 \k \l-H \13 \k \l-L \13 \k \l-N \18 \k \l-R
! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=263001].
<argument> \k 
              \l-Lcaronsmall \12 
\add_to ... \def \expandafter #1\expandafter {#1#2
\set_kern_cs #1#2#3->\add_to #2{\k #3#1}
                                        \add_to #3{\k #2#1}
\l-Lcaron ...r-Odieresis \-11 \k \r-Udieresis \14 
                                                  \k \r-germandbls \-24
\k \...

\setleftrightkerning ...me \csname l-#2\endcsname 
\set_kerning ...
l.356 ...ronsmall}{Lcaron}{\int{smallcapskerning}}


I have no idea what to do next, have you?


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