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Re: The syntax of \latinfamily

>> From the discussions in tex-fonts the last six months, I
>>have learnt that the main source of a euro symbol (which people are likely
>>to want) is the Adobe eurofonts, which are not connected to specific font
>>families, but which still exist in a few different designs, so that one
>>cannot simply use one eurofont with all font families (and expect the euro
>>symbol to look right).
>Erm...  actually, you can (sort of); just to prove I'm not only a whinging
>Pom, you might like to look at this package on CTAN:

I yield to your superior knowledge of what might or might not be
aestetically acceptable in this matter. My intention was only to give an
example of a case where a user would want to supply \latinfamily with more
information than what is currently possible.

Actually, this is only a special case of a more general situation: The user
specifies that glyphs (almost always symbols) that could not found in any
of the fonts in the font family should be taken from font #1, if they can
be found there. #1 could for example be psyr8r.

Lars Hellström