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Re: fontinst TS1.etx



> I also added some glyph fakery to texcomp.mtx,
> in particular

[...] The fakery is probably good. centigrade (or celsius) needs some kerning
between the degree sign and the capital C to look roght. This was the reason
why I added it as a separate symbol to the tc fonts.


> In URW expert fonts, I have three variants of `peseta'.  The first 
> two are like `Pt' or `Ptas' and the last one has horizontal bar.
> Is that the same symbol?

The one with the bar is probably the same symbol. The two others have a
strange, old-fashioned look. (The `Pt'-digraph was long persistent on IBM
codepages, but of questionable value).


> OK.  However, a paragraph mark doesn't always have two stems.
> By that logic, some paragraph marks are actually pilcrows.

Yes, the logic of the tc fonts is to discriminate pilcrow with one stem and 
paragraph with double stem in order to have them both a differentiated symbols.

If the base font does not provide differentiated pilcrows, the paragraph is 
always the primary symbol (needed for LaTeX footnote symbols).

--J"org Knappen