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fontnames for Bitstream Univers


I have tried to install the font family Bitstream Univers
(aka Bitstream Zurich) via fontinst 1.801. 

In bitstream.map (v2.5, 30 September 1998) I found the 
following KB names:

bunc8r    ZurichBT-Black                        0182a___
bunc8rx   ZurichBT-BlackExtended                0262a___
bunx8r    ZurichBT-ExtraBlack                   0970a___

This does, however, not work with fontinst, because fontinst
will not accept both "c" (black) and "x" (extra black).  As a 
workaround I suggest to rename ExtraBlack to "bunu" (ultra 
black), despite its internal name.  

Please, note that 

bunu8rx   ZurichBT-UltraBlackExtended           0263a___

exists already, but there is no "ExtraBlackExtended", so my
proposal will not lead to a name clash.  Beside, the stroke
width of ExtraBlack and the above UltraBlackExtended is more 
or less the same, so it makes sense to classify both as "u".

Perhaps this applies to Adobe Univers, too.



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