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Re: fontnames for Bitstream Univers

Concernant « Re: fontnames for Bitstream Univers », Uwe Steinmann écrit : «
» It sounds like the mapping from latin_[weights|widths|shapes] to 
» tex-[variant|weight] is still a moving target. Is there any written
» documentation except the fontinst.sty? 

Maybe in the latex graphics companion?
Anyway, for anything non standard, anyone uses his own system... 

» They problem I ran into when a tried to install the bitstream font,
» was that monospaced fonts like the above simply weren't found
» when I called \latinfamily{familyname}{}\bye
» though I added \latin_shape{t}{t}{}{tt} to \latin_shapes.

well, in latex's opinion, serif, sans & tt are different families. Of
course, if your family name is bhvt, you're going toi have troubles
with \latinfamily... Either (as for lucida sans that first was a
variant of lc, but eventually became a family of its own) you burn one
more typeface.map slot, or you use lower level fontinst commands

» Is it \setint{monospace} or \setint{monowidth}?

\setint{monowidth} of course, sorry.
Thierry Bouche, Grenoble.