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newbie question

actually, I'm not precisely a newbie - I've used fontinst on an off
since it was first announced.  however, the discrepancies between the
program and the written documentation have always been puzzling.

if I do (in version 1.801) 

\input fontinst.sty

the results are _nothing_.  if I precede the \latinfamily invocation
with \fromafm{ptmr8r} (etc.), the mtx files are generated and
\latinfamily does its stuff.  in fact, I've never had any success with
the do-it-all-macros.

adding (say)

ptmr8r   Times-Roman       "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"  <8r.enc

to psfonts.map, inputting  gives  where cmr gives .  

am I doing something wrong?


Rolf Lindgren