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Re: bug in 8r.enc? (was Re: newbie question)

[ Rolf Marvin B|e Lindgren writes:

| ptmr8r   Times-Roman       "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont"  <8r.enc
| to psfonts.map, inputting x gives z where cmr gives x.  
| am I doing something wrong?

[ Sebastian Rahtz

| its hard to believe that such a coarse error in 8r.enc would have
| survived so long. I'd review the other files

it's not actually x that gives z, if that's what you've read.  it's
oslash that gives uacute.  many of the other position > 127 glyphs are
misplaced as well.  I _do_ believe such errors can survive long, it's
happened before.  

I believe it's the ec encoding I want.  
Rolf Lindgren