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Re: Copyright zzzz

> At the moment the fontinst software is distributed under a copyright
> notice, but no real distribution agreement.  (With the prodding of
> Sebastian) I'd like to move over to the LaTeX license, i.e. open source,
> but with the proviso that any changes in the source must be matched by a
> change in the name of the software.  So people can distribute a
> `myfontinst' all they like, just not under the name `fontinst'.

> Any thoughts on this?  In particular from the people who've contributed
> code/documentation over the years?

I have no objections in principle, but this leaves the question of who
is going to maintain the "official" version of fontinst.  After I have
taken care of the last releases (1.800 and 1.801 last year), I have
unfortunately been unable to keep up with all the suggested fixes and
patches, and there seem to a few remaining issues to be looked at. 

Lars Hellström seems to have been working on quite a few patches and/or
improvements, but was reluctant to take over maintenance and put out
a new release himself.  So, what shall we do about it?

Cheers, Ulrik.