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Re: .fd file names from fontinst

Paul Walker writes:
 >     I recently downloaded the psfonts archive from CTAN.  I was
 > surprised to find that the *.fd files have lower case names.  The
 > version of LaTeX I'm using generates upper case names.  Why do the files
lower case has been the norm since the December 97 release, I think.

 > comment in the fontinst package.  Do most people use Tex on systems that
 > are case-insensitive?  
many people do. its called Windows, by a software company in the USA

 > Or is there a newer version of LaTeX that
 > generates a lower case name?
LaTeX looks for both upper and lower case, but lower case is the
preferred form.

partly the change came from people like me making CD-ROMs, where
case-sensitive file names are  a right pain.