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tex-fonts mailing list now operational

At the suggestion of several people, a new mailing list has been
created for the discussion of font issues relating to TeX, METAFONT,
and other font generation systems, where relevant to use by TeX.

This list is 


and following Internet conventions, subscription and/or deletion
requests should be sent to


They should NOT be sent to the first address, because that is just an
alias for automatic remailing to the entire list; the -request address
is an alias for the list maintainer (currently, me).

Plurals are always a nuisance, so the word 'fonts' in these two may by
replaced by 'font'; the official names are those given above.

This list is UNMODERATED; anything posted to the list will be
immediately rebroadcast to everyone on it.  Proper netmail etiquette
is expected.  

If you want to reply to an individual who will later post a summary of
responses to a query, make sure you adjust your outgoing mail header,
because most mailers' REPLY commands will otherwise direct it to the
entire list.

I expect this list to remain small; it will not be restricted like the
tex-char@dhdurz1.bitnet and latex-l@dhdurz1.bitnet lists are.
However, progress is more likely if the list members are primarily
font experts concerned with enhancing the availability of fonts for
use by TeX on many different output devices.

This list is separate from the tex-char list, which is devoted to the
issue of standardizing the encoding of the upper 128 characters of the
256-character sets that became available with TeX 3.0 and METAFONT
2.0.  Nevertheless, I expect some overlap in membership.

The current membership, some chosen by request, and some by
suggestions of other members, is appended to this message.
If you wish to have anyone else added, just send a note to

Karl Berry has asked whether the creation of this list should be
posted on other forums, such as texhax, uk-tex, comp.text.tex, texmag,
euro-tex, ...  I'm not opposed to doing so, but I fear that it might
lead to a large membership, diluting the efforts of the hard core
experts.  I therefore propose a poll of the current membership on this
question; send your votes directly to beebe@math.utah.edu.

In any event, archives of all tex-fonts correspondence will be
maintained in the tuglib collection (also accessible via anonymous
ftp) on math.utah.edu, where they will be accessible to anyone on the
Internet with either e-mail or ftp access.  The exact name and
location of this collection will be posted later.

"TeX Font mailing list; last update [20-Feb-1991]":
beebe@math.utah.edu,                    ![12-Feb-1991] Nelson H. F. Beebe!
bnb@math.ams.com,                       ![12-Feb-1991] Barbara N. Beeton!
DHosek@ymir.Claremont.edu,              ![12-Feb-1991] Don Hosek!
dlatex@cmsa.berkeley.edu,               ![13-Feb-1991] Doug Henderson!
jmr@nada.kth.se,                        ![12-Feb-1991] Jan Michael Rynning!
karl@cs.umb.edu,                        ![19-Feb-1991] Karl Berry!
LenBoyle@sbccvm.bitnet,                 ![20-Feb-1991] Leonard Boyle!
mackay@cs.washington.edu,               ![12-Feb-1991] Pierre MacKay!
mike@inrs-telecom.uquebec.ca,           ![12-Feb-1991] Michael Ferguson!
Norbert.Schwarz%ruba.rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.dbp.de@relay.cs.net, ![13-Feb-1991] Norb
ert Schwarz!
spooky%witr@uunet.uu.net,               ![19-Feb-1991] Robert Withrow!
S.P.Q.Rahtz@ecs.southampton.ac.uk,      ![12-Feb-1991] Sebastian Rahtz!
ucir001@frors12.bitnet,                 ![12-Feb-1991] Bernard Gaulle!
x066tr@tamvm1.bitnet,                   ![20-Feb-1991] Thomas J. Reid!
x92@dhdurz1.bitnet,                     ![12-Feb-1991] Joachim Lammarsch!
xitijsch@ddathd21.bitnet                ![12-Feb-1991] Joachim Schrod!

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