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TeX abbreviated font file names -

bkph> Did you make up abbreviations for all 770 font file names here?
I haven't checked your list against the one I had a few months ago, but
yes, I did all the ones on that list (modulo the ones I didn't know what
they meant, which you already replied to me about in a private message).

> If so, will
> you be happy to continue making up names as new fonts are added to this list
> on a weekly basis?
Yes.  Weekly sounds horrible, though.

> And the same goes for other vendors, some of whom also
> already have hundreds of fonts in their catalogs. 
That people are using with TeX?

> It won't be satisfactory
> to only have names for `important' fonts - everyone has different ideas on
> what is `important'.
Namely, whatever they have!

> But why duplicate the effort already being expended by font vendors?
> Since they want there fonts to be useable on many different platforms, they
> already have been forced to come up with 6 (or sometimes 8) character
> abbreviations.  If we just use these there is no need for yet another
> committee - and no need for the confusion created by having two competing
> sets of abbreviations.
Do their schemes conflict?  E.g., does Bitstream's name scheme coexist
happily with Adobe's?

No 6 or 8 letter scheme can solve the font name problem.  You have to
have arbitrary length names before it can be done ``right''; until we
1) ask DEK about a font mapping file, and
2) implement it,
we will inevitably have confusion.

(I am somewhat depressed about the whole thing.)