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[bkph@ai.mit.edu: [bkph@ai.mit.edu: Standardization of TeX names for Adobe PostScript fonts.]]

Return-Path: <bkph@ai.mit.edu>
From: bkph@ai.mit.edu (Berthold K.P. Horn)
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 91 07:57:51 EST
To: tex-fonts@math.utah.edu
Subject: [bkph@ai.mit.edu: Standardization of TeX names for Adobe PostScript fonts.]

Return-Path: <bkph@ai.mit.edu>
From: bkph@ai.mit.edu (Berthold K.P. Horn)
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 91 08:20:14 EST
To: TeXhax@cs.washington.edu
Cc: dhosek@ymir.claremont.edu, beebe@csc-sun.math.utah.edu, karl@cs.umd.edu
Subject: Standardization of TeX names for Adobe PostScript fonts.

re: Proposal for standardization of TeX names for Adobe PostScript fonts.

Given below are the six character abbreviated file names used by Adobe for
their outline fonts. It seems reasonable to simply adopt these short names
when refering to Adobe PostScript fonts in TeX (which happens to be limited
to six character font names).

Need for standardization of names for Adobe fonts used in TeX seems to be
the most urgent, since these are the fonts most frequently used (in fact, I
have yet to see an author call for a font other than CM, LaTeX, AMS or Adobe).

Using the vendor supplied abbreviation has clear advantages:

(*) There is no need for a committee to dream up abbreviations for new fonts. 

(*) There is no need for a clearing house to approve proposed abbreviations.

(*) There is no delay between publication of an outline font and  availability
    of a standard abbreviated name for it.

(*) The probability of confusion is reduced when only one short name needs
    to be remembered for a font (instead of the one used by the vendor AND
    one approved for use in TeX).

There are two possible problems with my proposal:

(.) Other vendors may use a particular abbreviation for different font.  

(.) The present scheme allows for only (26 + 10) * (26 * 10) = 1296 font
    families.  Adobe already has about 770 / 4 = 193 font families. So
    in the distant future they are going to run out of two letter combinations.

(.) In TeX there is sometimes a need to remap the encoding of the font.  TFM
    files for the remapped versions must be distinguishable from the `raw'

The first problem can be fixed by prefixing these names with a code
for the vendor - as suggested by Karl Berry - perhaps `p' for Adobe.

The solution of the second problem is to simply adopt whatever scheme the
vendor comes up with when that happens (and this won't happen for quite a
few years anyway...).

The third problem is less of an issue now that TeX can handle character sets
with 256 characters.  But in any case, a suffix can be added to the name 
(perhaps `x') to indicate remapping (although this does not tell one HOW
the font has been remapped).  This, along with the vendor prefix, brings the
maximum length of a name to 8 characters, which almost all file systems now
are able to deal with.

Berthold K.P. Horn

P.S. Thanks to Terry O'Donnell for help with generating this list.

acb  	Aachen-Bold
awab 	ACaslon-AltBold
awabi	ACaslon-AltBoldItalic
awai 	ACaslon-AltItalic
awarg	ACaslon-AltRegular
awasb	ACaslon-AltSemibold
awasi	ACaslon-AltSemiboldItalic
awb  	ACaslon-Bold
awbi 	ACaslon-BoldItalic
axb  	ACaslonExp-Bold
axbi 	ACaslonExp-BoldItalic
axi  	ACaslonExp-Italic
axrg 	ACaslonExp-Regular
axsb 	ACaslonExp-Semibold
axsbi	ACaslonExp-SemiboldItalic
awi  	ACaslon-Italic
awor 	ACaslon-Ornaments
awrg 	ACaslon-Regular
awsb 	ACaslon-Semibold
awsbi	ACaslon-SemiboldItalic
awswb	ACaslon-SwashBoldItalic
awswi	ACaslon-SwashItalic
awssb	ACaslon-SwashSemiboldItalic
ggi  	AGaramondAlt-Italic
ggrg 	AGaramondAlt-Regular
gdb  	AGaramond-Bold
gdbi 	AGaramond-BoldItalic
geb  	AGaramondExp-Bold
gebi 	AGaramondExp-BoldItalic
gei  	AGaramondExp-Italic
gerg 	AGaramondExp-Regular
gesb 	AGaramondExp-Semibold
gesbi	AGaramondExp-SemiboldItalic
gdi  	AGaramond-Italic
gdrg 	AGaramond-Regular
gdsb 	AGaramond-Semibold
gdsbi	AGaramond-SemiboldItalic
gdttl	AGaramond-Titling
akbl 	AkzidenzGrotesk-Black
akb  	AkzidenzGrotesk-Bold
akl  	AkzidenzGrotesk-Light
akr  	AkzidenzGrotesk-Roman
amb  	Americana-Bold
ameb 	Americana-ExtraBold
ami  	Americana-Italic
am   	Americana
aqbl 	AntiqueOlive-Black
aqb  	AntiqueOlive-Bold
aqi  	AntiqueOlive-Italic
aql  	AntiqueOlive-Light
aqr  	AntiqueOlive-Roman
aqbc 	AntiqueOlive-BoldCond
aqct 	AntiqueOlive-Compact
aqnr 	AntiqueOlive-Nord
aqnri	AntiqueOlive-NordItalic
a    	Arcadia
a AAA	Arcadia-A
ab   	ArnoldBoecklin
ael  	Avenir-Light
aelo 	Avenir-LightOblique
aew  	Avenir-Book
aewo 	Avenir-BookOblique
aer  	Avenir-Roman
aero 	Avenir-Oblique
aem  	Avenir-Medium
aemo 	Avenir-MediumOblique
aeh  	Avenir-Heavy
aeho 	Avenir-HeavyOblique
aebl 	Avenir-Black
aeblo	Avenir-BlackOblique
bc   	Banco
bbb  	BauerBodoni-Bold
bbbi 	BauerBodoni-BoldItalic
bbbio	BauerBodoni-BoldItalicOsF
bbbof	BauerBodoni-BoldOsF
bbi  	BauerBodoni-Italic
bbiof	BauerBodoni-ItalicOsF
bbr  	BauerBodoni-Roman
bbrsc	BauerBodoni-RomanSC
bbbl 	BauerBodoni-Black
bbblc	BauerBodoni-BlackCond
bbbli	BauerBodoni-BlackItalic
bbbc 	BauerBodoni-BoldCond
bhb  	Bauhaus-Bold
bhd  	Bauhaus-Demi
bhh  	Bauhaus-Heavy
bhl  	Bauhaus-Light
bhm  	Bauhaus-Medium
bwb  	Belwe-Bold
bwc  	Belwe-Condensed
bwl  	Belwe-Light
bwm  	Belwe-Medium
bmb  	Bembo-Bold
bmbi 	Bembo-BoldItalic
bmeb 	Bembo-ExtraBold
bmebi	Bembo-ExtraBoldItalic
bmi  	Bembo-Italic
bm   	Bembo
bmsb 	Bembo-Semibold
bmsbi	Bembo-SemiboldItalic
bgb  	Benguiat-Bold
bgw  	Benguiat-Book
bybl 	Berkeley-Black
bybli	Berkeley-BlackItalic
byb  	Berkeley-Bold
bybi 	Berkeley-BoldItalic
byw  	Berkeley-Book
bywi 	Berkeley-BookItalic
byi  	Berkeley-Italic
bym  	Berkeley-Medium
bdb  	Bodoni-Bold
bdbi 	Bodoni-BoldItalic
bdi  	Bodoni-Italic
bdps 	Bodoni-Poster
bd   	Bodoni
bdbc 	Bodoni-BoldCondensed
bdw  	Bodoni-Book
bdwi 	Bodoni-BookItalic
bdpsc	Bodoni-PosterCompressed
bdpsi	Bodoni-PosterItalic
bkb  	Bookman-Bold
bkbi 	Bookman-BoldItalic
bkd  	Bookman-Demi
bkdi 	Bookman-DemiItalic
bkl  	Bookman-Light
bkli 	Bookman-LightItalic
bkm  	Bookman-Medium
bkmi 	Bookman-MediumItalic
j1515	BorderPi-OneFiveOneFiveNine
bs   	BrushScript
db1  	BundesbahnPi-One
db2  	BundesbahnPi-Two
db3  	BundesbahnPi-Three
cgb  	Candida-Bold
cgi  	Candida-Italic
cgr  	Candida-Roman
cr   	Carta
ck   	CascadeScript
c2bl 	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Black
c2bli	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BlackIt
c2b  	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Bold
c2bi 	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BoldIt
c2w  	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Book
c2wi 	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-BookIt
c2m  	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-Medium
c2mi 	CaslonTwoTwentyFour-MediumIt
cti  	CaslonThree-Italic
ctr  	CaslonThree-Roman
cfi  	CaslonFiveForty-Italic
cfr  	CaslonFiveForty-Roman
ca   	CaslonOpenFace
cxb  	Caxton-Bold
cxbi 	Caxton-BoldItalic
cxw  	Caxton-Book
cxwi 	Caxton-BookItalic
cxl  	Caxton-Light
cxli 	Caxton-LightItalic
cil  	Centennial-Light
cili 	Centennial-LightItalic
cir  	Centennial-Roman
cii  	Centennial-Italic
cib  	Centennial-Bold
cibi 	Centennial-BoldItalic
cibl 	Centennial-Black
cibli	Centennial-BlackItalic
cyi  	CenturyExpanded-Italic
cy   	CenturyExpanded
csb  	CenturyOldStyle-Bold
csi  	CenturyOldStyle-Italic
csrg 	CenturyOldStyle-Regular
czb  	Charlemagne-Bold
czrg 	Charlemagne-Regular
cu   	Charme
cq   	Cheq
clb  	Clarendon-Bold
cll  	Clarendon-Light
cl   	Clarendon
cebl 	Clearface-Black
cebli	Clearface-BlackItalic
ceb  	Clearface-Bold
cebi 	Clearface-BoldItalic
ceh  	Clearface-Heavy
cehi 	Clearface-HeavyItalic
cerg 	Clearface-Regular
cergi	Clearface-RegularItalic
ccb  	Cochin-Bold
ccbi 	Cochin-BoldItalic
cci  	Cochin-Italic
cc   	Cochin
cjb  	Concorde-Bold
cjbi 	Concorde-BoldItalic
cji  	Concorde-Italic
cjr  	Concorde-Roman
cbi  	CooperBlack-Italic
cb   	CooperBlack
cp29a	Copperplate-TwentyNineAB
cp29c	Copperplate-TwentyNineBC
cp30a	Copperplate-ThirtyAB
cp30c	Copperplate-ThirtyBC
cp31a	Copperplate-ThirtyOneAB
cp31c	Copperplate-ThirtyOneBC
cp32a	Copperplate-ThirtyTwoAB
cp32c	Copperplate-ThirtyTwoBC
cp33c	Copperplate-ThirtyThreeBC
cnb  	Corona-Bold
cni  	Corona-Italic
cn   	Corona
cob  	Courier-Bold
cobo 	Courier-BoldOblique
com  	Courier
coo  	Courier-Oblique
cob  	Courier-Bold
cobo 	Courier-BoldOblique
com  	Courier
coo  	Courier-Oblique
dinen	DINEngschrift
dinmi	DINMittelschrift
dngbc	DINNeuzeitGrotesk-BoldCond
dngl 	DINNeuzeitGrotesk-Light
dcb  	DomCasual-Bold
dc   	DomCasual
drb  	Doric-Bold
du   	DucDeBerry
dudfr	DucDeBerry-Dfr
erb  	ItcEras-Bold
erbk 	ItcEras-Book
erd  	ItcEras-Demi
erl  	ItcEras-Light
erm  	ItcEras-Medium
eru  	ItcEras-Ultra
euro1	EuropeanPi-One
euro2	EuropeanPi-Two
euro3	EuropeanPi-Three
euro4	EuropeanPi-Four
eub  	Eurostile-Bold
eubo 	Eurostile-BoldOblique
eud  	Eurostile-Demi
eudo 	Eurostile-DemiOblique
eu   	Eurostile
euo  	Eurostile-Oblique
eubc 	Eurostile-BoldCondensed
eubex	Eurostile-BoldExtendedTwo
euc  	Eurostile-Condensed
euex 	Eurostile-ExtendedTwo
exb  	Excelsior-Bold
exi  	Excelsior-Italic
ex   	Excelsior
ff   	FetteFraktur
flblc	Flyer-BlackCondensed
flebc	Flyer-ExtraBlackCondensed
fob  	Folio-Bold
fobc 	Folio-BoldCondensed
foeb 	Folio-ExtraBold
fol  	Folio-Light
fom  	Folio-Medium
frw  	FranklinGothic-Book
frwo 	FranklinGothic-BookOblique
frd  	FranklinGothic-Demi
frdo 	FranklinGothic-DemiOblique
frh  	FranklinGothic-Heavy
frho 	FranklinGothic-HeavyOblique
fgc  	FranklinGothic-Condensed
fgec 	FranklinGothic-ExtraCond
fgr  	FranklinGothic-Roman
fs   	FreestyleScript
fqb  	FrizQuadrata-Bold
fq   	FrizQuadrata
ftl  	Frutiger-Light
ftli 	Frutiger-LightItalic
ftr  	Frutiger-Roman
fti  	Frutiger-Italic
ftb  	Frutiger-Bold
ftbi 	Frutiger-BoldItalic
ftbl 	Frutiger-Black
ftbli	Frutiger-BlackItalic
ftubl	Frutiger-UltraBlack
fub  	Futura-Bold
fubo 	Futura-BoldOblique
fuw  	Futura-Book
fuwo 	Futura-BookOblique
fuc  	Futura-Condensed
fucb 	Futura-CondensedBold
fucbo	Futura-CondensedBoldOblique
fuceb	Futura-CondensedExtraBold
fcebo	Futura-CondExtraBoldObl
fucl 	Futura-CondensedLight
fuclo	Futura-CondensedLightOblique
fuco 	Futura-CondensedOblique
fueb 	Futura-ExtraBold
fuebo	Futura-ExtraBoldOblique
fuh  	Futura-Heavy
fuho 	Futura-HeavyOblique
ful  	Futura-Light
fulo 	Futura-LightOblique
fu   	Futura
fuo  	Futura-Oblique
gmb  	GaramondThree-Bold
gmbi 	GaramondThree-BoldItalic
gmbio	GaramondThree-BoldItalicOsF
gmbsc	GaramondThree-BoldSC
gmi  	GaramondThree-Italic
gmio 	GaramondThree-ItalicOsF
gm   	GaramondThree
gmsc 	GaramondThree-SC
ghz  	GarthGraphic-Black
ghb  	GarthGraphic-Bold
ghbc 	GarthGraphic-BoldCondensed
ghbi 	GarthGraphic-BoldItalic
ghc  	GarthGraphic-Condensed
gheb 	GarthGraphic-ExtraBold
ghi  	GarthGraphic-Italic
gh   	GarthGraphic
gnb  	GillSans-Bold
gnbc 	GillSans-BoldCondensed
gnbi 	GillSans-BoldItalic
gnc  	GillSans-Condensed
gneb 	GillSans-ExtraBold
gni  	GillSans-Italic
gnl  	GillSans-Light
gnli 	GillSans-LightItalic
gn   	GillSans
gnub 	GillSans-UltraBold
gnubc	GillSans-UltraBoldCondensed
gyb  	Glypha-Bold
gybo 	Glypha-BoldOblique
gyo  	Glypha-Oblique
gy   	Glypha
gyt  	Glypha-Thin
gyto 	Glypha-ThinOblique
gyl  	Glypha-Light
gylo 	Glypha-LightOblique
gybl 	Glypha-Black
gyblo	Glypha-BlackOblique
gtt  	Gothic-Thirteen
gob  	Goudy-Bold
gobi 	Goudy-BoldItalic
goi  	Goudy-Italic
go   	Goudy
goeb 	Goudy-ExtraBold
goh  	Goudy-Heavyface
gohi 	Goudy-HeavyfaceItalic
grb  	Granjon-Bold
gri  	Granjon-Italic
gr   	Granjon
hvbl 	Helvetica-Black
hvblo	Helvetica-BlackOblique
hvb  	Helvetica-Bold
hvbo 	Helvetica-BoldOblique
hvk  	Helvetica-Compressed
hvc  	Helvetica-Condensed
hvcbl	Helvetica-Condensed-Black
hvco 	Helvetica-Condensed-BlackObl
hvcb 	Helvetica-Condensed-Bold
hvcbo	Helvetica-Condensed-BoldObl
hvcl 	Helvetica-Condensed-Light
hvclo	Helvetica-Condensed-LightObl
hvcdo	Helvetica-Condensed-Oblique
hvek 	Helvetica-ExtraCompressed
hvl  	Helvetica-Light
hvlo 	Helvetica-LightOblique
hv   	Helvetica
hvn  	Helvetica-Narrow
hvnb 	Helvetica-Narrow-Bold
hvnbo	Helvetica-Narrow-BoldOblique
hvno 	Helvetica-Narrow-Oblique
hvo  	Helvetica-Oblique
hvuk 	Helvetica-UltraCompressed
hir  	HelveticaInserat-Roman
hlj  	HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCond
hljo 	HelveticaNeue-ExtBlackCondObl
hlav 	HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExt
hlavo	HelveticaNeue-UltraLigExtObl
hlul 	HelveticaNeue-UltraLight
hluli	HelveticaNeue-UltraLightItal
hla  	HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCond
hlao 	HelveticaNeue-UltraLigCondObl
hltv 	HelveticaNeue-ThinExt
hltvo	HelveticaNeue-ThinExtObl
hlt  	HelveticaNeue-Thin
hlti 	HelveticaNeue-ThinItalic
hltc 	HelveticaNeue-ThinCond
hltco	HelveticaNeue-ThinCondObl
hllv 	HelveticaNeue-LightExt
hllvo	HelveticaNeue-LightExtObl
hll  	HelveticaNeue-Light
hlli 	HelveticaNeue-LightItalic
hllc 	HelveticaNeue-LightCond
hllco	HelveticaNeue-LightCondObl
hlv  	HelveticaNeue-Extended
hlvo 	HelveticaNeue-ExtendedObl
hlr  	HelveticaNeue-Roman
hli  	HelveticaNeue-Italic
hlc  	HelveticaNeue-Condensed
hlco 	HelveticaNeue-CondensedObl
hlmv 	HelveticaNeue-MediumExt
hlmvo	HelveticaNeue-MediumExtObl
hlm  	HelveticaNeue-Medium
hlmi 	HelveticaNeue-MediumItalic
hlmc 	HelveticaNeue-MediumCond
hlmco	HelveticaNeue-MediumCondObl
hlbv 	HelveticaNeue-BoldExt
hlbvo	HelveticaNeue-BoldExtObl
hlb  	HelveticaNeue-Bold
hlbi 	HelveticaNeue-BoldItalic
hlbc 	HelveticaNeue-BoldCond
hlbco	HelveticaNeue-BoldCondObl
hlhv 	HelveticaNeue-HeavyExt
hlhvo	HelveticaNeue-HeavyExtObl
hlh  	HelveticaNeue-Heavy
hlhi 	HelveticaNeue-HeavyItalic
hlhc 	HelveticaNeue-HeavyCond
hlhco	HelveticaNeue-HeavyCondObl
hlzv 	HelveticaNeue-BlackExt
hlzvo	HelveticaNeue-BlackExtObl
hlbl 	HelveticaNeue-Black
hlbli	HelveticaNeue-BlackItalic
hlzc 	HelveticaNeue-BlackCond
hlzco	HelveticaNeue-BlackCondObl
hebl 	HelveticaRounded-Black
heblo	HelveticaRounded-BlackObl
heb  	HelveticaRounded-Bold
hebc 	HelveticaRounded-BoldCond
hebco	HelveticaRounded-BoldCondObl
hebo 	HelveticaRounded-BoldObl
herc 	Herculanum
hrbl 	Hiroshige-Black
hrbli	Hiroshige-BlackItalic
hrb  	Hiroshige-Bold
hrbi 	Hiroshige-BoldItalic
hrw  	Hiroshige-Book
hrwi 	Hiroshige-BookItalic
hrm  	Hiroshige-Medium
hrmi 	Hiroshige-MediumItalic
ho   	Hobo
atb  	AmericanTypewriter-Bold
atm  	AmericanTypewriter-Medium
agw  	AvantGarde-Book
agwo 	AvantGarde-BookOblique
agcb 	AvantGarde-CondBold
agcw 	AvantGarde-CondBook
agcd 	AvantGarde-CondDemi
agcm 	AvantGarde-CondMedium
agd  	AvantGarde-Demi
agdo 	AvantGarde-DemiOblique
beb  	BenguiatGothic-Bold
bebo 	BenguiatGothic-BoldOblique
bew  	BenguiatGothic-Book
bewo 	BenguiatGothic-BookOblique
beh  	BenguiatGothic-Heavy
beho 	BenguiatGothic-HeavyOblique
bem  	BenguiatGothic-Medium
bemo 	BenguiatGothic-MediumOblique
icb  	Century-Bold
icbci	Century-BoldCondensedItalic
icbc 	Century-BoldCondensed
icbi 	Century-BoldItalic
icw  	Century-Book
icwci	Century-BookCondensedItalic
icwc 	Century-BookCondensed
icwi 	Century-BookItalic
icl  	Century-Light
iclci	Century-LightCondensedItalic
iclc 	Century-LightCondensed
icli 	Century-LightItalic
icu  	Century-Ultra
icuci	Century-UltraCondensedItalic
icuc 	Century-UltraCondensed
icui 	Century-UltraItalic
chb  	Cheltenham-Bold
chbc 	Cheltenham-BoldCond
chbci	Cheltenham-BoldCondItalic
chbi 	Cheltenham-BoldItalic
chw  	Cheltenham-Book
chwc 	Cheltenham-BookCond
chwci	Cheltenham-BookCondItalic
chwi 	Cheltenham-BookItalic
chl  	Cheltenham-Light
chlc 	Cheltenham-LightCond
chlci	Cheltenham-LightCondItalic
chli 	Cheltenham-LightItalic
chu  	Cheltenham-Ultra
chuc 	Cheltenham-UltraCond
chuci	Cheltenham-UltraCondItalic
chui 	Cheltenham-UltraItalic
iub  	Cushing-Bold
iubi 	Cushing-BoldItalic
iuw  	Cushing-Book
iuwi 	Cushing-BookItalic
iuh  	Cushing-Heavy
iuhi 	Cushing-HeavyItalic
ium  	Cushing-Medium
iumi 	Cushing-MediumItalic
feb  	Fenice-Bold
febo 	Fenice-BoldOblique
fel  	Fenice-Light
felo 	Fenice-LightOblique
ferg 	Fenice-Regular
fergo	Fenice-RegularOblique
feu  	Fenice-Ultra
feuo 	Fenice-UltraOblique
glbl 	Galliard-Black
glbli	Galliard-BlackItalic
glb  	Galliard-Bold
glbi 	Galliard-BoldItalic
gli  	Galliard-Italic
glr  	Galliard-Roman
glu  	Galliard-Ultra
glui 	Galliard-UltraItalic
gab  	Garamond-Bold
gabc 	Garamond-BoldCondensed
gabci	Garamond-BoldCondensedItalic
gabi 	Garamond-BoldItalic
gaw  	Garamond-Book
gawc 	Garamond-BookCondensed
gawci	Garamond-BookCondensedItalic
gawi 	Garamond-BookItalic
gal  	Garamond-Light
galc 	Garamond-LightCondensed
galci	Garamond-LightCondensedItalic
gali 	Garamond-LightItalic
gau  	Garamond-Ultra
gauc 	Garamond-UltraCondensed
gauci	Garamond-UltraCondensedItalic
gaui 	Garamond-UltraItalic
mab  	Machine-Bold
ma   	Machine
nbb  	NewBaskerville-Bold
nbbi 	NewBaskerville-BoldItalic
nbi  	NewBaskerville-Italic
nbr  	NewBaskerville-Roman
isbl 	ItcSymbol-Black
isbli	ItcSymbol-BlackItalic
isb  	ItcSymbol-Bold
isbi 	ItcSymbol-BoldItalic
isw  	ItcSymbol-Book
iswi 	ItcSymbol-BookItalic
ism  	ItcSymbol-Medium
ismi 	ItcSymbol-MediumItalic
usbl 	Usherwood-Black
usbli	Usherwood-BlackItalic
usb  	Usherwood-Bold
usbi 	Usherwood-BoldItalic
usw  	Usherwood-Book
uswi 	Usherwood-BookItalic
usm  	Usherwood-Medium
usmi 	Usherwood-MediumItalic
zcb  	ZapfChancery-Bold
zcd  	ZapfChancery-Demi
zci  	ZapfChancery-Italic
zcl  	ZapfChancery-Light
zcli 	ZapfChancery-LightItalic
zcr  	ZapfChancery-Roman
imb  	Impressum-Bold
imi  	Impressum-Italic
imr  	Impressum-Roman
inin 	Industria-Inline
inina	Industria-InlineA
insd 	Industria-Solid
insda	Industria-SolidA
ins  	Insignia
insa 	Insignia-A
itb  	Italia-Bold
itw  	Italia-Book
itm  	Italia-Medium
jtb  	JansonText-Bold
jtbi 	JansonText-BoldItalic
jtbio	JansonText-BoldItalicOsF
jtbof	JansonText-BoldOsF
jti  	JansonText-Italic
jtiof	JansonText-ItalicOsF
jtr  	JansonText-Roman
jtrsc	JansonText-RomanSC
kbb  	ItcKabel-Bold
kbw  	ItcKabel-Book
kbd  	ItcKabel-Demi
kbm  	ItcKabel-Medium
kbu  	ItcKabel-Ultra
kfb  	Kaufmann-Bold
kf   	Kaufmann
krb  	Korinna-Bold
krkb 	Korinna-KursivBold
krkx 	Korinna-KursivRegular
krrg 	Korinna-Regular
ktbl 	KuenstlerScript-Black
ktm  	KuenstlerScript-Medium
kt2b 	KuenstlerScript-TwoBold
lwbl 	Leawood-Black
lwbli	Leawood-BlackItalic
lwb  	Leawood-Bold
lwbi 	Leawood-BoldItalic
lww  	Leawood-Book
lwwi 	Leawood-BookItalic
lwm  	Leawood-Medium
lwmi 	Leawood-MediumItalic
lgb  	LetterGothic-Bold
lgbsl	LetterGothic-BoldSlanted
lg   	LetterGothic
lgsl 	LetterGothic-Slanted
lib  	Life-Bold
lii  	Life-Italic
lir  	Life-Roman
lp   	Linoscript
lx   	Linotext
lobl 	Lithos-Black
lob  	Lithos-Bold
loel 	Lithos-ExtraLight
lol  	Lithos-Light
lorg 	Lithos-Regular
luw  	LubalinGraph-Book
luwo 	LubalinGraph-BookOblique
lud  	LubalinGraph-Demi
ludo 	LubalinGraph-DemiOblique
lcb  	Lucida-Bold
lcbi 	Lucida-BoldItalic
lci  	Lucida-Italic
lc   	Lucida
lme  	LucidaMath-Extension
lmi  	LucidaMath-Italic
lms  	LucidaMath-Symbol
lsb  	LucidaSans-Bold
lsbi 	LucidaSans-BoldItalic
lsi  	LucidaSans-Italic
ls   	LucidaSans
mi   	MICR
mh1  	MathematicalPi-One
mh2  	MathematicalPi-Two
mh3  	MathematicalPi-Three
mh4  	MathematicalPi-Four
mh5  	MathematicalPi-Five
mh6  	MathematicalPi-Six
mx   	Maximus
mc   	MediciScript
meb  	Melior-Bold
mebi 	Melior-BoldItalic
mei  	Melior-Italic
me   	Melior
mpb  	Memphis-Bold
mpbi 	Memphis-BoldItalic
mpeb 	Memphis-ExtraBold
mpl  	Memphis-Light
mpli 	Memphis-LightItalic
mpm  	Memphis-Medium
mpmi 	Memphis-MediumItalic
m0b  	Meridien-Bold
m0bi 	Meridien-BoldItalic
m0i  	Meridien-Italic
m0m  	Meridien-Medium
m0mi 	Meridien-MediumItalic
m0r  	Meridien-Roman
mobl 	Minion-Black
mob  	Minion-Bold
mobi 	Minion-BoldItalic
modsi	Minion-DisplayItalic
mods 	Minion-DisplayRegular
mjbl 	MinionExp-Black
mjb  	MinionExp-Bold
mjbi 	MinionExp-BoldItalic
mjdsi	MinionExp-DisplayItalic
mjds 	MinionExp-DisplayRegular
mji  	MinionExp-Italic
mjrg 	MinionExp-Regular
mjsb 	MinionExp-Semibold
mjsbi	MinionExp-SemiboldItalic
moi  	Minion-Italic
moor 	Minion-Ornaments
morg 	Minion-Regular
mosb 	Minion-Semibold
mosbi	Minion-SemiboldItalic
mosdi	Minion-SwashDisplayItalic
moswi	Minion-SwashItalic
mossb	Minion-SwashSemiboldItalic
mzbl 	Minister-Black
mzbli	Minister-BlackItalic
mzb  	Minister-Bold
mzbi 	Minister-BoldItalic
mzw  	Minister-Book
mzwi 	Minister-BookItalic
mzl  	Minister-Light
mzli 	Minister-LightItalic
ms   	Mistral
so   	Sonata
new  	NeuzeitS-Book
newh 	NeuzeitS-BookHeavy
nabl 	NewAster-Black
nabli	NewAster-BlackItalic
nab  	NewAster-Bold
nabi 	NewAster-BoldItalic
nai  	NewAster-Italic
na   	NewAster
nas  	NewAster-SemiBold
nasi 	NewAster-SemiBoldItalic
nlbl 	NewCaledonia-Black
nlbli	NewCaledonia-BlackItalic
nlb  	NewCaledonia-Bold
nlbi 	NewCaledonia-BoldItalic
nli  	NewCaledonia-Italic
nl   	NewCaledonia
nls  	NewCaledonia-SemiBold
nlsi 	NewCaledonia-SemiBoldItalic
ncb  	NewCenturySchlbk-Bold
ncbi 	NewCenturySchlbk-BoldItalic
nci  	NewCenturySchlbk-Italic
ncr  	NewCenturySchlbk-Roman
ngb  	NewsGothic-Bold
ngbo 	NewsGothic-BoldOblique
ngo  	NewsGothic-Oblique
ng   	NewsGothic
nob  	Novarese-Bold
nobi 	Novarese-BoldItalic
now  	Novarese-Book
nowi 	Novarese-BookItalic
nom  	Novarese-Medium
nomi 	Novarese-MediumItalic
nou  	Novarese-Ultra
nu   	NuptialScript
oa   	OCRA
ob   	OCRB
olb  	Olympian-Bold
olbi 	Olympian-BoldItalic
oli  	Olympian-Italic
ol   	Olympian
omni 	Omnia
opb  	Optima-Bold
opbo 	Optima-BoldOblique
opo  	Optima-Oblique
op   	Optima
or   	Orator
orsl 	Orator-Slanted
pob  	Palatino-Bold
pobi 	Palatino-BoldItalic
poi  	Palatino-Italic
por  	Palatino-Roman
pn   	Parisian
pa   	ParkAvenue
pgb  	Peignot-Bold
pgd  	Peignot-Demi
pgl  	Peignot-Light
psb  	PostAntiqua-Bold
psr  	PostAntiqua-Roman
pr   	Present
peb  	PrestigeElite-Bold
pebsl	PrestigeElite-BoldSlanted
pe   	PrestigeElite
pesl 	PrestigeElite-Slanted
qobl 	Quorum-Black
qob  	Quorum-Bold
qow  	Quorum-Book
qol  	Quorum-Light
qom  	Quorum-Medium
rab  	Raleigh-Bold
rad  	Raleigh-DemiBold
ram  	Raleigh-Medium
ra   	Raleigh
rp   	Reporter-Two
re   	Revue
rkb  	Rockwell-Bold
rkbc 	Rockwell-BoldCondensed
rkbi 	Rockwell-BoldItalic
rkc  	Rockwell-Condensed
rkeb 	Rockwell-ExtraBold
rki  	Rockwell-Italic
rkl  	Rockwell-Light
rkli 	Rockwell-LightItalic
rk   	Rockwell
rbl  	RotisSansSerif-Light
rbli 	RotisSansSerif-LightItalic
rb   	RotisSansSerif
rbi  	RotisSansSerif-Italic
rbb  	RotisSansSerif-Bold
rbeb 	RotisSansSerif-ExtraBold
rcl  	RotisSemiSans-Light
rcli 	RotisSemiSans-LightItalic
rc   	RotisSemiSans
rci  	RotisSemiSans-Italic
rcb  	RotisSemiSans-Bold
rceb 	RotisSemiSans-ExtraBold
rf   	RotisSemiSerif
rfb  	RotisSemiSerif-Bold
rg   	RotisSerif
rgi  	RotisSerif-Italic
rgb  	RotisSerif-Bold
ruo  	RussellSquare-Oblique
ru   	RussellSquare
sab  	Sabon-Bold
sabi 	Sabon-BoldItalic
sabio	Sabon-BoldItalicOsF
sabof	Sabon-BoldOsF
sai  	Sabon-Italic
saiof	Sabon-ItalicOsF
sar  	Sabon-Roman
sarsc	Sabon-RomanSC
sass 	Sassoon-Primary
sgbl 	SerifGothic-Black
sgb  	SerifGothic-Bold
sgeb 	SerifGothic-ExtraBold
sgh  	SerifGothic-Heavy
sgl  	SerifGothic-Light
sg   	SerifGothic
sebl 	Serifa-Black
seb  	Serifa-Bold
sei  	Serifa-Italic
sel  	Serifa-Light
seli 	Serifa-LightItalic
ser  	Serifa-Roman
sfb  	Serpentine-Bold
sfbo 	Serpentine-BoldOblique
sfl  	Serpentine-Light
sflo 	Serpentine-LightOblique
sfm  	Serpentine-Medium
sfmo 	Serpentine-MediumOblique
sbb  	Shannon-Bold
sbw  	Shannon-Book
sbeb 	Shannon-ExtraBold
sbo  	Shannon-Oblique
shal 	Shelley-AllegroScript
shan 	Shelley-AndanteScript
shvo 	Shelley-VolanteScript
gib  	SimonciniGaramond-Bold
gii  	SimonciniGaramond-Italic
gir  	SimonciniGaramond
snbl 	SnellRoundhand-BlackScript
snb  	SnellRoundhand-BoldScript
sn   	SnellRoundhand-Script
sud  	Souvenir-Demi
sudi 	Souvenir-DemiItalic
sul  	Souvenir-Light
suli 	Souvenir-LightItalic
sub  	Souvenir-Bold
subi 	Souvenir-BoldItalic
sum  	Souvenir-Medium
sumi 	Souvenir-MediumItalic
sqwcl	Spartan-BookClassified
sqhcl	Spartan-HeavyClassified
gsb  	StempelGaramond-Bold
gsbi 	StempelGaramond-BoldItalic
gsi  	StempelGaramond-Italic
gsr  	StempelGaramond-Roman
skbl 	StempelSchneidler-Black
skbli	StempelSchneidler-BlackItalic
skb  	StempelSchneidler-Bold
skbi 	StempelSchneidler-BoldItalic
ski  	StempelSchneidler-Italic
skl  	StempelSchneidler-Light
skli 	StempelSchneidler-LightItalic
skm  	StempelSchneidler-Medium
skmi 	StempelSchneidler-MedItalic
skr  	StempelSchneidler-Roman
st   	Stencil
sib  	StoneInformal-Bold
sibi 	StoneInformal-BoldItalic
sii  	StoneInformal-Italic
si   	StoneInformal
sisb 	StoneInformal-Semibold
sisbi	StoneInformal-SemiboldItalic
ssb  	StoneSans-Bold
ssbi 	StoneSans-BoldItalic
ssi  	StoneSans-Italic
ss   	StoneSans
sssb 	StoneSans-Semibold
sssbi	StoneSans-SemiboldItalic
srb  	StoneSerif-Bold
srbi 	StoneSerif-BoldItalic
sri  	StoneSerif-Italic
sr   	StoneSerif
srsb 	StoneSerif-Semibold
srsbi	StoneSerif-SemiboldItalic
sy   	Symbol
sxbl 	Syntax-Black
sxb  	Syntax-Bold
sxi  	Syntax-Italic
sxr  	Syntax-Roman
sxubl	Syntax-UltraBlack
tkb  	Tekton-Bold
tkbo 	Tekton-BoldOblique
tko  	Tekton-Oblique
tkrg 	Tekton
tehc 	Tempo-HeavyCondensed
tehci	Tempo-HeavyCondensedItalic
tfd  	Tiffany-Demi
tfdi 	Tiffany-DemiItalic
tfh  	Tiffany-Heavy
tfhi 	Tiffany-HeavyItalic
tfi  	Tiffany-Italic
tf   	Tiffany
tib  	Times-Bold
tibi 	Times-BoldItalic
tibio	Times-BoldItalicOsF
tibsc	Times-BoldSC
tieb 	Times-ExtraBold
tii  	Times-Italic
tiio 	Times-ItalicOsF
tir  	Times-Roman
tirsc	Times-RomanSC
tisb 	Times-Semibold
tisbi	Times-SemiboldItalic
mtb  	TimesNewRomanPS-Bold
mtbi 	TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalic
mti  	TimesNewRomanPS-Italic
mtr  	TimesNewRomanPS
ttb  	TimesTen-Bold
ttbi 	TimesTen-BoldItalic
ttbio	TimesTen-BoldItalicOsF
ttbof	TimesTen-BoldOsF
tti  	TimesTen-Italic
ttiof	TimesTen-ItalicOsF
ttr  	TimesTen-Roman
ttrsc	TimesTen-RomanSC
tgb  	TradeGothic-Bold
tgb2 	TradeGothic-BoldTwo
tgb2o	TradeGothic-BoldTwoOblique
tgbo 	TradeGothic-BoldOblique
tgl  	TradeGothic-Light
tglo 	TradeGothic-LightOblique
tgo  	TradeGothic-Oblique
tg   	TradeGothic
tgbc 	TradeGothic-BoldCondTwenty
tgbco	TradeGothic-BoldCondTwentyObl
tgc  	TradeGothic-CondEighteen
tgco 	TradeGothic-CondEighteenObl
tjb  	Trajan-Bold
tjrg 	Trajan-Regular
tmb  	TrumpMediaeval-Bold
tmbi 	TrumpMediaeval-BoldItalic
tmi  	TrumpMediaeval-Italic
tmr  	TrumpMediaeval-Roman
um   	Umbra
uvtuc	Univers-ThinUltraCondensed
uvluc	Univers-LightUltraCondensed
uvv  	Univers-Extended
uvvo 	Univers-ExtendedObl
uvuc 	Univers-UltraCondensed
uvbv 	Univers-BoldExt
uvbvo	Univers-BoldExtObl
uvzv 	Univers-BlackExt
uvzvo	Univers-BlackExtObl
uvf  	Univers-ExtraBlack
uvfo 	Univers-ExtraBlackObl
uvfv 	Univers-ExtraBlackExt
uvfvo	Univers-ExtraBlackExtObl
uvbl 	Univers-Black
uvblo	Univers-BlackOblique
uvb  	Univers-Bold
uvbo 	Univers-BoldOblique
uvc  	Univers-Condensed
uvcb 	Univers-CondensedBold
uvcbo	Univers-CondensedBoldOblique
uvcl 	Univers-CondensedLight
uvclo	Univers-CondensedLightOblique
uvcdo	Univers-CondensedOblique
uvl  	Univers-Light
uvlo 	Univers-LightOblique
uv   	Univers
uvo  	Univers-Oblique
unvmg	Universal-GreekwithMathPi
unvnc	Universal-NewswithCommPi
ur   	UniversityRoman
utbl 	Utopia-Black
utb  	Utopia-Bold
utbi 	Utopia-BoldItalic
uebl 	UtopiaExp-Black
ueb  	UtopiaExp-Bold
uebi 	UtopiaExp-BoldItalic
uei  	UtopiaExp-Italic
uerg 	UtopiaExp-Regular
uesb 	UtopiaExp-Semibold
uesbi	UtopiaExp-SemiboldItalic
uti  	Utopia-Italic
utor 	Utopia-Ornaments
utrg 	Utopia-Regular
utsb 	Utopia-Semibold
utsbi	Utopia-SemiboldItalic
utttl	Utopia-Titling
vrbl 	VAGRounded-Black
vrb  	VAGRounded-Bold
vrl  	VAGRounded-Light
vrt  	VAGRounded-Thin
vel  	Versailles-Light
veli 	Versailles-LightItalic
ver  	Versailles-Roman
vei  	Versailles-Italic
veb  	Versailles-Bold
vebi 	Versailles-BoldItalic
vebl 	Versailles-Black
vebli	Versailles-BlackItalic
wab  	Walbaum-Bold
wabi 	Walbaum-BoldItalic
wabio	Walbaum-BoldItalicOsF
wabof	Walbaum-BoldOsF
wai  	Walbaum-Italic
waiof	Walbaum-ItalicOsF
war  	Walbaum-Roman
warsc	Walbaum-RomanSC
wdbl 	Weidemann-Black
wdbli	Weidemann-BlackItalic
wdb  	Weidemann-Bold
wdbi 	Weidemann-BoldItalic
wdw  	Weidemann-Book
wdwi 	Weidemann-BookItalic
wdm  	Weidemann-Medium
wdmi 	Weidemann-MediumItalic
web  	Weiss-Bold
weeb 	Weiss-ExtraBold
wei  	Weiss-Italic
we   	Weiss
wk   	WilhelmKlingsporGotisch
wkdfr	WilhelmKlingsporGotisch-Dfr
c    	Cottonwood
i    	Ironwood
j    	Juniper
m    	Mesquite
woor 	WoodtypeOrnaments-One
p    	Ponderosa
bi   	Birch
bo   	Blackoak
mq   	Madrone
woor2	WoodtypeOrnaments-Two
pp   	Poplar
wi   	Willow
zcmi 	ZapfChancery-MediumItalic
zd   	ZapfDingbats