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incompatible metrics

Thank you very much for that example!

The way I understand it, however, Times-Roman, TimesTen and TimesNewRoman
are considered distinct faces (These appear to be the three most widely used
variants of the Times Roman concept).

And it seems you were comparing TimesNewRoman from Autologic with TimesTen
>From CompuGraphic (correct me if I'm wrong). Of course, it is not always easy
to tell, given proprietary naming and numbering schemes.

This brings up another issue, which is how to make users aware of the fact
that there are thousands of fonts and so related fonts are likely to have
VERY similar names - despite the fact that they do not have the same glyphs
or metrics.  All variations on the Times-Roman theme are likely to have the
word `Times' in their name, for example.  So great care is required in using
these names.

(This is not unlike the confusion caused by the very close similarity of
names given to different DVI processors - was it DVITOPS, DVI2PS, DVIPS,
DVI3PS, or ... ?).

Thanks again,  Berthold.


Adobe has the following families (with the usual variations):

tir  	Times-Roman
mtr  	TimesNewRomanPS
ttr  	TimesTen-Roman