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Re: informal survey...

-Something to give pause...

-There are presently over 7000 (seven THOUSAND) fonts available in Type 1
-format (of which over 1000 are in the Adobe Type Library).  

Yes, but there's no reason to assume that a two letter code for a
typeface under Adobe should have to correspond exactly to a two
letter code for a typeface under Conpugraphic. 'twould be nice if
they did, but not necessary.

Incidentally, one thing has occurred to me regarding
vendor-supplied names: with Tom Rokicki's afm2tfm, I can create
things like ptmu (Adobe Times Unslanted Italic) or ptmo (Adobe
Times Slanted) etc. I haven't looked over the Adobe
abbreviations, but is it possible that some of the possible
creations of this sort could lead to ambiguities (if I recall
correctly, a varying number of characters is used in identifying
families, c'est ne pas)?